3 thoughts on “Questions and Comments

  1. It made me so proud to be an American after hearing the presentation of the Tomb of the Unknown. To witness all the students from Brown Elementary School that were able to see and hear about the history of this awesome Replica. The men of Rome, GA did a great job too of making the presentation understandable to all the age groups. The second to fourth graders were great at asking questions and participating in the presentation. I heard people comment that even though they had been to Washington, they heard things that they never heard there. Great project – hope we can bring them back in the future.

  2. Those who attended the Tomb of the Unknown, hopefully like me, can say that the display and information presented was very well done. In spite of being at the site in Washington, DC, I learned so much I didn’t know. The Rome, GA Exchange Club is doing a wonderful service for our Unknowns and our citizens with this display and presentation.

  3. The 7th and 8th students at Brown Elementary enjoyed the presentation of the Tomb of the Unknown. Many of the students will be visiting Washington in May. It will be a great advantage since they already been given so much knowledge by visiting the Replica. Thank you Exchange Club for your invitation to this presentation.

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